Factors to Consider When Designing Mascot Costumes


Mascot costumes are usually quite big and bulky, and they are designed to cover the entire body. This can present a huge problem during the summer months when the weather is hot and humid. The person inside the costume is likely to become uncomfortable or to overheat. It is therefore important for the designers to always consider the weather when designing these costumes. The following by the professionals at http://www.buzzcostumes.com are some of the factors that must be considered when designing costumes for use during the hot summer months


The mascot costumes must have several openings that allows for proper air circulation. This will ensure that the person inside the costume does not suffocate. They will be able to have fresh and cool air while performing. Ventilation locations such as openings in the mouth, nose and eye areas of the costume should be determined during the design phase.

A cooling system

It is important for the costume to have some sort of cooling system in order to ensure that the individual is not overwhelmed by the heat. There are some costumes that have battery-operated exhaust fans. These fans can help to expel all of the hot and stale air from the head. This will ensure that the performer stays cool when the weather is hot.

There are also some cooling vest systems that use gel packs. These packs can help the performer to stay cool for up to eight hours. However, these packs will make the costume bulkier. It is always important for the performer to remain hydrated throughout the day. There are some cooling systems that hold water and that have a tube that leads to the performer’s mouth. This makes it possible for the performer to drink water throughout the day without removing their costume.

The right fabric
When designing mascot costumes, it is important to use fabrics that can wick out any sweat or moisture. This will ensure that the performer remains comfortable, even when they sweat a lot. The head of the mascot can be made using fiberglass as this material is very light, and the weight will not overwhelm the actor. Furthermore, sweat bands can be incorporated into the head of the mascot costume in order to absorb sweat.

A great mascot costumes designer should consider all of these factors when designing a costume for use during the summer. However, even with all of these measures in place, the performer should still drink a lot of water before and during their performance. Furthermore, they should take regular breaks after every thirty to forty minutes in which they remove the costume. This way, they will be able to stay active, comfortable and cool throughout the day, and they will not experience any dizziness or fainting spells.